About Elizabeth Caroline

Hi All,

My name is Elizabeth and I happy you stopped by my website. Here you will find information about my up and coming books and you’ll be the first to hear of their release.

I’ve been interested in writing for many years and have only decided to publish some of my stories so I hope you find them enjoyable.

if you were to ask what genre of writing I prefer i suppose the answer would be romance. So I would say that most of my stories have a romance element too them, but I also enjoy dealing with human relationships and how they deal with the different trials that life can throw at them. You will notice that some of my stories tend to light hearted romance which are normally aimed at young adults, but I do also write alot of drama based fiction.

I’m starting this blog before I even have one book published, but this is mainly because I want to connect with like minded people aswell as people who I believe would enjoy my style of writing. Whenever I get a break in my actual book writing I will be posting some short stories to this blog so that you can get a feel of the way I write and some of what’s happening inside my head :/

Look forward to connecting with some of you.


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