How my characters reacted

Ever wondered what book characters talk about with their writers?

The characters of my WIPs often talk to me. Sometimes I just listen and sometimes I talk back.

They recently heard about me reaching 1000 followers on Instagram and the following conversation transpired.

– – – – – – – – –

“Hey Liz, I heard you hit four digits on your Instagram,” Michael said after everyone had settled down.

“Don’t call me Liz please,” I said.

“Oops, my bad,” he said.

“Why you don’t like the name Liz? It’s cute,” Emily said.

“We used to call my nan Liz, so I prefer Elizabeth,” I said.

“Ah, so it makes you feel old?” Michael asked.

“Not exactly, but kind of.”

“Got it,” he said, although I don’t know how much faith I have in that based on the number of times I’ve told him not to call me Liz.

“So, about the followers. Do any of them mention me?”

“Yes,” I replied. “You actually have 2 big fans.”

“Only 2?” he asked, disappointed at first, but, as you can’t keep Michael down for long he added, “I’m going to need names and numbers.”

I shook my head and held in the urge to laugh. “You can’t have their numbers, it doesn’t work like that,” I reminded him.

“So what’s the point if only you benefit from the followers?” he asked.

“That’s not true,” I said. “The more that people enjoy reading about you, the more I’ll write about you.”

“That’s the problem,” he said. “You didn’t add much of me in book one, so they don’t know me well enough.”

“Well, I’ve given you your own POV in book two, so they’ll get to know a lot more about you.”

“YES!” he said, raising his fist into the air. “And I hope I get more than 2 fans this time, Liz.”

“Hmm,” I groaned as he burst into a fit of laughter. “We’ll see.”

“Come on Michael,” Solomon said. “We were supposed to be congratulating Elizabeth, not poaching for fans. Well done, Elizabeth. I’m really happy for you.”

“Thanks,” I replied, always chuffed when Solomon gives me a compliment.

“I love your feed,” he added. “Especially the stuff about Claudia, I bet your followers love all that. I’d definitely be a follower if I had Instagram.”

“Yeah, they like learning more about Claudia. A few people really enjoyed the short prequel that I wrote about her.”

“Nice,” he said and offered me a fist bump, which I accepted.

“That’s quite hypocritical, you complained about Michael trying to get fans but you’re only concerned about Claudia having fans,” Emily moaned.

“It’s her story,” Solomon argued.

“It’s called Adapted, so it’s about …”

“Shhh,” I interrupted before Emily gave out any spoilers.

“Sorry,” she whispered. “But since I have your attention. I want to know about these 2 big fans of Michael. I thought you were going to introduce me as a love interest in book two.”

“Solomon would never allow that,” I reminded her.

“He’s not my dad,” she argued back.

“Look,” I whispered directly to Emily. “Solomon allows him to take you to the birthday party, but I can’t promise anything after that, It is Michael after all.”

“No, that’s fine,” she said as her sweet smile engulfed her face. “That will be plenty. Thank you.”

“I have a question,” Stacy said. “Shouldn’t you have more selfies and things like that?”

“Perhaps, but I’m not really a selfie kind of person.”

“Well, if I ever open an Instagram account,” she added “it will be all selfies. I’m pretty photographic, you know?”

“Yes, I know. I would love to add some of your selfies to my page when you start if that’s okay?”

“That would be perfect.” I lost her focus shortly after that as she began fixing her hair, not that it needed fixing.

“So, Claudia,” I said directing my attention to her. “You haven’t said anything yet.”

“I don’t really know how happy I am about you sharing my life with thousands of people that I don’t know,” Claudia said.

“These people all really like you. Some are eagerly awaiting book 2 to hear more about you,” I replied.

“What if I don’t want them to know more about me?” she complained.

“Trust me, it will be fine,” I said, although I could see she wasn’t impressed.

“Okay, I have a request,” she said. “No kissing in book two!”

She looked adamant but, “I can’t promise that,” I said.

“Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a good promise to make,” Solomon added.

“Do you know how embarrassing it was in book one when Solomon was about to kiss me and all I could think about was you waiting to write it all down!”

“Wait, that’s really what you were thinking about?” Solomon asked.

“No, of course not,” Claudia said, as her cheeks flushed with red. “I thought about it but it’s obviously not all I was thinking about.”

“It’s a romance, people will expect a kiss or two now that you’re dating. There’s nothing to be scared of.” I said, hoping to reassure her.

“I am not scared,” she said.

“You sound scared to me,” Michael said, grunting a small laugh.

“Fine, you can write about a kiss or two,” she said as she narrowed her eyes at Michael, who, of course, went into a laughter fit.

“Well, thanks for the meeting. You can all go back to your day, and I’ll get on with what I do.”

“Yeah, like infringing on our privacy,” Claudia said before swiftly leaving.

“Don’t mind her. She secretly loves all the new friends you’ve brought to her life.” Solomon said and left too.


– – – – – – – – – –


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