Through Hell & Highwater by Victoria Liiv


I had been going through a major reading slump when I started ‘Through Hell & Highwater’ so the beginning went very slowly. I probably read one page at a time and kept promising to pick up the speed next time.

The promise quickly became easy to keep as I learnt more about the different characters and their stories and I started to feel at home with them. They are such a believable group of unlikely friends and I absolutely loved how their friendship formed.

The story begins through the eyes of the various characters as we get to know them and their place in the school. For the most part, they’re unknown to each other but as the story unfolds their paths become intertwined with the central point of their group forming being Evyline, a small Elvin girl.

I loved the different characters of the group. They seemed to have very little in common but they still managed to work so well together.

I won’t talk about all of the characters, that will be your treat when you read the book, but here are a few I really liked.

Roctar – He’s an orc who is very short on conversation and general friendliness. For the most part, his answer to a question is simply a grunt unless he has something serious to say, but he seems like one of those characters who, despite their indifference, once they choose you as a friend they’re loyal to the end.

Dylan – He’s the beta of the wolf pack and, unlike the alpha, he just loves to play and joke and take risks when he probably shouldn’t. I just loved his carefreeness and he can be quite charming too.

Tylon – I wasn’t too keen on Tylon in the beginning. He seemed arrogant and self-concerned. Although he was still arrogant and self-concerned at the end of the story, he also had a softness underneath it all and could or maybe even did want to truly care about his new friends.

Archer – Now, anyone who knows me knows I love vampires. But Archer stayed off my radar for the first half of the story. He is very serious, and quiet and it wasn’t until the mid-range of the story that I found his quietness was more of a mysterious nature. Also, he completely made me fall for him in chapter 9. I guess he just needed to be locked in a room with a girl and forced to interact and we had a glimpse of what his quiet persona is trying to hide.

After our group was formed, we were sent on a second adventure with them (the first adventure was a school task set up by a teacher) which I feel solidified their bond although not all of them would express so. Both expeditions were written very well, adding both excitement and suspense, and the fight scenes were great. I can actually visualise the fights as they played out in the story and would love to see a live-action of it all.

I really can’t express how much I enjoyed this story, the only problem I do have is that I have to wait until book two is released to get my closure on Archer. I feel that after he opened up in chapter 9 he went quiet again. I need more, and I will be first in line when book two is released to catch up with all of my new friends.

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