Unveiling by Zel Winter


It’s always a treat for me when I get a chance to read a vampire story. So I got straight into ‘Unveiling’ by Zel Winter and thoroughly enjoyed the read until the end.

‘Unveilng’ tells the tale of Dan, the worlds oldest vampire, and Nina, a Human Immortal who is destined to take her place among Nature’s Immortals. However, there is a small problem, to take her place among the immortals, Nina must first choose a mate from one of the immortal beings; Dragons, Faes or Weres.
After only recently finding out about the realm of the Immortals it proves to be a decision she isn’t so sure she wants to take, throw in the fact that she had already fallen for Dan, and taking on her position in her true lineage may just have to wait. But will Dan allow her to throw her destiny away?

Writing this quick summary already has me back in the mood for another read. It was a great story of repressed desire and yearning al in the name of keeping the balance of life running correctly.

I loved Dan! I loved the descriptions of how he and the vamp inside him interacted and more times than not disagreed. I also quite liked Nina, but it was pretty hard watching her fall deeper and deeper in love with Dan and the vamp, separately and together, yet all the time knowing he would never be able to accept her.

The build-up of the world was great. The introduction describes how the Immortals came into existence and throughout the book, there are interactions between the Weres, Faes and Dragons all coexisting among each other as well as the humans which I really enjoyed. The first meeting with the Dragons sounded amazing, I don’t think I would think twice if I was offered a place in their kingdom, but the story plays out to the best ending, or at least I was happy with it.

I enjoyed reading this story, from the initial build-up to the climax. It was entertaining and fun throughout. I am really looking forward to the next title in the series when it is released.

Get it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08NWNTZS4

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