Broken Heart Mosaics by A.L. Garcia

Broken Heart Mosaics

I first came across A.L Garcia’s work on social media and was extremely excited when I heard she had put together a collection of poetry as I absolutely love her work.
She is a very talented poet who captures and expresses her inner feelings so potently that you almost feel the experience too. I was not disappointed in the slightest when I read Broken heart mosaics, it is an absolutely beautiful rendering of heartbreak, turmoil and trying to cope with the person you become after surviving true pain.

If you enjoy poetry that deals with real emotions of grief, sorrow and coping. You will love the connection you will feel with A.L. Garcia, as she takes the pain and experiences from her life and paints a picture that beautifully captures the turmoil she feels as she copes with past losses.

A must-read for poetry lovers.

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