Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

Has anybody ever looked into your eyes and asked a question and, although you knew the answer, at that moment you simply couldn’t answer?

Maybe due to fear, shame, or even a combination of the two. Or perhaps you just didn’t have the strength to answer and felt that a secret or an unwanted opinion should be better left unsaid.

Don’t let fear smother your voice or make you feel as though your answer will go unheard.

I have known people who have faced the fear and allowed the truth to go free and eventually it has allowed all of those other feelings of fear and shame to go free also. Maybe not completely! But an open door lets things out easier than a closed door.

I’ve also known people who never gained the strength to speak and the fear and shame festered and grew until it became a part of who they are.

I can’t promise a happy ending, but I do believe that giving your voice a reality, no matter how scared you are, is the beginning of the healing process.

And it has a domino effect. When others see you gained the strength to speak. Maybe it will spark a growth in them too!

Don’t let fear smother your voice. Speak out!

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