Why do I write?

Before I get to my Why, here’s a little back story.

Storytelling, for me, was more of a family enjoyment. I would make up stories and characters for my children, and, as time went on, they would develop and grow.
When it came to writing a book, it started as a challenge that one of my daughters was taking that I wanted to help her with. She had a certain amount of time to complete a project, and to support her I said I would use my stories as my project and write one into a novel.
It was fun, and I ended up becoming so engrossed in it that by the time we had completed the challenge Heat had been written.
It was supposed to be done with, but once I had written the story I knew it had to be read. I couldn’t put the souls I had created back to sleep after giving them life. So I started the task of editing, and editing more until I believed I had a novel worth putting out to the world.

So, to answer the question:
After I finished writing Heat, and read through it for the first time as a completed novel, I was filled with so many emotions that I can’t enumerate.
I remembered how it felt to completely lose myself in a book, how sometimes my book friends were my only true friends, and when I learnt the answers to questions I only dared to ask my book friends. I remembered all the times a book has caused me to fall in love and all the times they’ve broken my heart. And I remembered all the times I laughed through a book, cried through a book and all the joy and sadness that I shared with characters in the books that I loved.

And I realised that I really wanted someone to read one of my books and experience any of those feelings through my stories. I wanted to write one of those books that a person always remembers, that they always quote or just quietly mention amongst their most loved books. I realised I wanted to touch someone’s heart the way so many books have touched mine.

And that is why I write.

I know I only have one novel released at this time, but keep your eyes peeled. I have so many stories that I still have to tell. Some are in the process, and some are waiting to get out.

I hope one day you will read one of my books, and it will touch your heart!

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