Nowhere Boulevard by Katherine Black


Nowhere Boulevard is a heartbreakingly sad story which follows 1 year in the life of a 13-year-old girl.

The story starts with Sarah’s, the protagonist, dad reading her diary. It seems like a familiar set up. A diary is being read and a secret is about to be found out, but what the secret is, is the reason we are going to read more.

So the story shifts to Sarah’s POV written in the form of her diary. Her life seems like that of any other teenage girl, highschool friends, boy worries and all the confusing emotions that come along with school as well as the fact that her mother is expecting a new baby which, at first, Sarah isn’t too sure how she feels about it.

As the story progresses it turns out that Sarah’s mother is suffering from onset dementia and then Sarah’s life begins to take a turn for the worse as she tries to juggle being a teenager as well as dealing with a mother suffering from a progressively decreasing mental health.

Up until about midway the story reads like a simple journal of Sarah’s experience and there is even a nice midway surprise. But the story takes a dark and sad twist around three quarters in and had me on the edge of my seat until the end with eyes full of tears.

This story ended as a complete heartbreak of a story. There were a few things I didn’t expect and there was no happy conclusion which made it all the more of a hit for me.

I loved┬áthe voice of this story as I remember keeping diaries as a teenager and the way I would retell my day’s events to myself.┬áThe writing reminded me of my own school days and made her retelling of the story just that little bit more close to home.

If you love story’s that break your heart into pieces and leave you crying way after you put the book down then you need to get this book. It was not what I expected when I began it and it was definitely a well worth read.

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