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A scene from the antagonists perception – Unbreakable

Below is the outcome of one of the tasks of the December challenge I am currently doing on Instagram. The task was to write a scene from the perspective of the villain of my WIP.

I had so much fun writing this scene, it gave me a real insight into my villain who I currently just understood as a school bully with a grudge. But when writing this scene I found a lot more pain in her feelings towards Sara, the girl she relentlessly bullies. When a friend read the scene they told me it sounded like Sara was the villain. Which rings true the old saying, there are two sides to every story. 

Please forgive any errors. As it was a quick challenge post I didn’t spend too much time on editing. Hope you enjoy it!

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I bypassed my usual lunchtime plot and made my way for the canteen. Steve would be hanging around outside the canteen as he usually was, and she was more than likely planning to meet with him for lunch. Well, not if I could help it!

“Hey,” I called, hoping I sounded more cheerful than I felt.

His eyebrows gathered slightly, which was expected. I’d seen him hanging around at lunch every day for the last four years and I’ve never even given him a second look, let alone initiated a conversation. He smiled, regardless and returned the greeting. 

He did have a capturing smile, and he was definitely nice to look at, I wouldn’t have thought him to be her type though. I wouldn’t have thought anyone to be her type. I didn’t even think she was into boys. At least that’s what she told me. That was her go-to excuse whenever I invited her out to meet Jay and his friends.

“What you up to?” I asked.

“Just chilling,” he answered.

I nodded and let out a short puff of air. I was supposed to be acting sweet, but I could feel the tension building and my jaw tightening. Sure, Steve was good looking, but so were Jay and his boys. So why hadn’t she bothered with boys back then, why hadn’t she agreed to come with me? 

“You waiting for anyone?” I said, adding a slight chirp to my voice and fluttering my eyelashes against my inner repulsion to such a weak, submissive action. I didn’t need his attention. I just wanted it, because if I had it, she wouldn’t!

The confusion etched across his face again, until his gaze diverted to something or someone approaching from behind.

“Hey,” the voice said. It was Sara, smiling with all the gall that she could dare.

“You alright?” Steve replied. 

She nodded. “What you up to?”

“We were just talking.” I interrupted. 

She nodded again. This time her uncertainty and self-doubt betraying her.

The situation was bothering her. I couldn’t tell exactly why, but the fact that it bothered her was enough for me to dedicate my time into it. Was she worried that his attention could easily be swayed from her? Was she scared I would be the one to steal him? 

How dare she worry about losing him! Did she worry about me when she left me alone with Bis and his boys? 

“I was actually about to ask about a private issue if you don’t mind?” I said, playing on the fact that Steve looked a sweet mixture of confusion and embarrassment. The kind of look a boy has when his girl sees him talking inappropriately with another girl. I smiled again. My lips finding the motion a lot easier now that my objective was in sight. I turned back to Steve fluttering my eyelids even more suggestively. She wasn’t going to have him. I planned to make sure of that. 

Steve wasn’t paying attention. His eyes were focused on the ground, with a deep frowned set onto his forehead.

“Err, I’m just going to go and get a drink and then I’ll be up by the gym.” Sara said, “Will I see you there?”

Steve’s frown deepened. He was angry. With her. My smiled widened without any effort. 

“I might just hang out with Megan,” he said. 

A few moments ago he seemed to question the idea of holding a conversation with me, and now he was going to ‘hang out’ with me, with his shift seemingly linked to Sara’s presence. 

What had she done to upset him? It was almost as interesting as it was fun seeing her squirm with her sad, silly face. That same stupid face she made when she came to apologise to me for leaving me that day.

“Ok,” she said flatly and walked away.

Ha! I thought. A small triumph compared to what I had planned.

Does she think it will be a simple lunchtime chat we’re going to have? That she’ll pretend nothing happened and then continue with her secret romance?

NO! She doesn’t get what she wants that easily.

Steve did as he said and stayed although he looked distracted, his thoughts clearly elsewhere. But he entertained my questions and laughed politely at my jokes.

Sara emerged from the canteen after a short while. I didn’t give her any attention but I noticed him watching her.

“Oh my god, Steve,” I said, sliding my hand along his bicep. “I never noticed that you’d filled out so much. Have you been working out?”

He laughed again, this time without being simply polite. Boys were so predictable. Once you knew one, you knew them all.

“No. Seriously,” I continued. “You are looking proper fit. You need to tell me how many girls I’m gonna need to smash so that me and you can really start something. You heard what I did to the last girl that tried looking at my man, didn’t you?”

He laughed again. Loudly. “Yeah. That was some reaction,” he said.

Reaction? I didn’t react. I instigated. But it was always better for me when people thought I merely reacted. At least it kept those who would dare try anything with me, keep it to themself, while still letting everyone know I could handle myself and whatever they wanted to come with.

A soft thud broke my concentration as Sara dropped her bag down next to Steve.

“Sorry, I took so long. I got a little distracted.” 

“Better late than never,” he said. A soft smile formed on his lips. That was another shift in his behaviour, even his smile was different from the previous ones. It was more real.

What does that mean? I thought he was angry with her. My mind flicked back over the words they had exchanged before she went into the canteen. What’s changed?

“Excuse me!” I said, my voice a lot sharper than I wanted it, although I didn’t really care. “If you don’t mind, we were talking.” 

“Well if you don’t mind,” she said, flicking her head from side to side. “I need to speak with my boyfriend.”

What? How dare she? She dared to come at me with an attitude. Where was that attitude when I needed her help? 

“Seriously?” I asked Steve, wondering why his stance towards Sara had changed so suddenly.

Steve nodded. He was proud of the claim.

“Seriously?” I repeated. “She’s nobody.”

His jaw tensed at my words. His annoyance was directed at me now. He must really be into her, I thought. As if I needed any more fuel to add to my dislike for her.

“Why don’t you just leave me alone? What is your problem?” Sara said. 

She dares to speak up to me? For him? Where was her voice when I needed it?

“You’re my problem,” I screamed. I hated her. She still didn’t get that she was the one thing that could have saved me that day, and she had never even tried to understand. 

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to have done to you, Megan. But whatever you think it is, just get over it.”

Oh, no, she, didn’t!

“Don’t you tell me what to do! You think because you have a boyfriend you’re something special? You’re nothing. You’re own mother didn’t even want you!” I spat, hoping each word tore her as deeply as that night had torn me. Because she knew my words were true. Her mother had spoken about having wanted to abort her. At least, that’s what she’d told my mother once. And Sara knew it.

I wasn’t expecting what happened next. A sharp pain jolted through my jaw and into my brain. The whole scene before me faded except for Sara’s face which I hit back at.

As with all fights, it ended quickly. Steve must have grabbed her and pulled her away.

The loose grit on the yard floor tore at my hands as I tried scrambling to my feet. The constant throb that echoed from my swollen eye distracted me enough to feel the pain in my hands, although I saw the blood. Which I hoped was from the scratches that were evident on my hands and wrists. I couldn’t even remember how we ended up on the floor, or who had actually won. But I knew that my face stung and my scalp sore possibly from being grabbed by the hair.

“I’m going to kill you,” I screamed. “You watch!” Some of my girls were around me now, helping me up from the floor.

“You watch,” I screamed again. If we weren’t on the school grounds I would have gone for her again, but being suspended wouldn’t go down well with my parents. “You think you can just attack me and get away with it.” I continued screaming as many insults as I could think of until Becky finally quietened me. The teachers were arriving, we’d soon be taken to separate classroom and questioned. I’d have to play the victim. I mean, I was only talking to Steve and then she attacked me. But it wasn’t over. Not, even, nearly!

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