New series on Channillo

New Series coming this week on Channillo

I’m happy to announce the start of 2 new series which will begin the end of this week on Channillo.

If you haven’t got an account yet, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial and check out some of the series that they already have going.  Dig in and subscribe to any that take your fancy and don’t forget to check out my two starting next week.

My upcoming series are:

I spent a day with …

Follow my adventures as I spend a day with characters from popular books, T.V shows and movies.
You will see a collection of short stories featuring some of my favourite characters as well as characters suggested by my followers.
See how well you remember some well-known characters and how quickly you identify them as the story unfolds.

Beyond repair

Can life ever go back to how it was after losing your only child?

How do parents cope with the feelings of guilt and wanting to blame the other?

Melissa wonders the answer to these questions as she grows more and more estranged from her husband, David, over the months following a train crash that took the life of their daughter.

They had always been a unit, seeing each other through hardship after hardship since the early days of college.

But now, no matter how hard she tried to hold everything together and get them both through the tragedy, David looks at her as an enemy.

And as fragments of memories, proceeding and following the accident, slowly start to resurface, Melissa realises maybe she hadn’t coped as well as she had thought.

Check out my Chanillo page and keep posted for the first instalments at the end of the week.

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