My goals for 2018

Hi everyone,

I spoke a little yesterday about the fact that I was in the process of writing 1 manuscript and editing another. So here’s a little history on these two stories and my goals for them this year.

The book I am actually in the (not so) process of editing is called Heat. It’s the first full novel I have ever written and so many hours went into completing this novel that I’m kind of in love with the whole setting and characters. Maybe that’s not a good thing as I should possibly be a little more subjective but, well, you know.

So as it goes with Heat I had approached several publishing companies with the usual proposal but I didn’t get any favourable responses, so I decided to put the novel up on swoonreads. For anyone who doesn’t know, swoonreads is a website where you can upload a YA manuscript (at the time they specialised in the Romance genre but they have now opened up to other genres). If your manuscript gets a good response from the community then they can select you to publish your book under Feiwel & Friends, which is a part of Macmillan publishers.

My time on Swoonreads wasn’t as fruitful as I had hoped (no publishing offers) but I did get some nice responses which actually helped alot with some self doubt issues I had. Seeing that there are people out there who love the characters as much as I do and enjoyed the stories felt quite amazing actually and made all of those hours sitting in front of my computer in a world completely different to that of my family really worth while.

So although I didn’t get published or even build up some kind of fan base, i can’t say that it was a completely negative experience. Like I said I did received some really great comments from people about the story. I also received some really useful feedback about things that may not be working in the book. Hence the rewrite.

All in all there isn’t much that I think needs changing with the whole plot and characters but there is one huge flaw that many people found off putting and that was the fact the the first 4 chapters are basically a backstory of the character, who she is and what she’s about.

I found out the hard way that people really don’t appreciate stories starting out like this, and in hindsight, I can see their point of view. I mean, it takes a whole 5 chapters before she even meets the love interest in the story.

Figuring out how to start the story off nearer the action while still giving people an insight into who the character is and exactly what is happening in her life has been quite a challenge. I’m still in the early days of approaching this problem. But, and this was the point of this challenge, I plan to ramp up the whole process over the next few months and make more time for completing this project.

As for the next steps with regards to publishing. I think it will be the self publishing route, but we’ll see.

The second book I am (supposed to be) completing is something I started during NANOWRIMO 2016. I’m not decided on a title yet (Un-breakable is what I’m working with so far), and again it’s a YA novel. This was the first NANOWRIMO I had taken seriously and I was really doing well, but a few things happened beyond my control and I didn’t get to complete the story that November. I had planned to complete it but as time went on and I realised that a rewrite for Heat was inevitable, my updates on Un-breakable became less and less frequent.

So I’m working out how to tackle the two books at the same time. I would love to hear from anyone who has written two books simultaneously because sometimes I wonder if it is possible or even a good idea. Each book deserves its time and dedication, so I wonder if i can give each their due and still give 100%.

Regardless of how I tackle the two books. I plan to have completed the rewrite of Heat and at least a draft and first edit of Un-breakable by the end of 2018. I hope I am not stretching myself too far, but as of now I feel completely confident and motivated to fulfill my goals.

I know I didn’t speak much about the actual plot of the books or the characters, but I will dedicate a post to that in the next coming days. I may even post some excerpts as I write.

So, here are my goals for 2018. By this time next year I hope to be looking back at this post with exuberance as I will have fulfilled what I posted here today and know there’s no stopping what may come in the future.

Until tomorrow …

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