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500 words a day challenge

Hi everyone,

So I finally did it and have committed myself to the 500 words challenge.

I’m not too sure how this will work out as I know, from past experience, I can never keep to deadlines and word count commitments. But I am truly going to strive my hardest this time because If there is one thing I know, it’s that I need to write.
Of all the things that I am dedicated to, either by choice or circumstance, Writing is the one thing that should predominate that list, but unfortunately it is the one that always get the short straw. ‘If I have time …’, ‘when I finish this …’, ‘Ok, starting tomorrow!’.

I’m not too sure how to make that shift from always putting it off to giving it the time it deserves but I when that feeling that I need to be writing won’t go away I think it’s time I made an effort in supporting my dream. After all no-one else will.

Ok so this is my first attempt at just pumping out 500 + words, forgive me if it’s a bit of a babble. I’m not much of an impromptu writer, in fact I usually edit heavily before I do post anything and even then I often remove the posts afterwards. Yes, I’m also very critical of myself and insecure about putting my ideas out for people to read.

So you’re wondering how I could possible think of being writer when I’m terrified of people actually reading what I write. I know, sometimes I wonder too. But I guess you would only really understand if you are a writer yourself. If you go to bed every night with words weaving through your mind, creating stories that consume your thoughts in your waking hours. And you find yourself each night among characters that, although you did think up in the beginning, seem to be living these stories all on their own. Stories that only I can tell as I am the only one who has witnessed them.

Sorry if I am sounding a little loopy right now but that’s seriously how I feel most days.

Have you ever read ‘Letters To A Young Poet‘? There is a sentence in there (You may have even heard it in the Sister act 2 movie):

If, when you wake up in the morning, you can think of nothing but writing . . . then you are a writer.’

That’s me. Every morning!

What do I hope to gain from this challenge?

Well, you may have noticed, if you looked around my blog, that I have previously finished a story which was a YA novel called Heat.

Call me biased, but I really love that book however my first attempts to get some form of publishing, didn’t get very far. Not the best result for someone who was already struggling with the whole putting my words out to the public. So I started on a rewrite but then, as it happens, my other life commitments got in the way and the whole rewrite process slow down to a stop.

I was also in the process of writing a second story so at the moment I have two stories which are going nowhere slowly!

I have tried and tried in vain to encourage myself to get back on track with writing, sometimes even committing myself to 1 sentence a day … haha. I know, but it actually did work for a while!

So, I was reading through a Jeff Goins book and he mentions ‘My 500 words‘ and here I am.

Anyway, this was just a quick introduction to me and my journey. Any questions/comments feel welcome to leave them below.

Until next time …

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